Do you have a child with Autism or Aspergers?

Or a child with “sensory issues,” and you don’t really care for labels, but you do know that their is a lot of fear and confusion and melt down happening now and then?
Would love your life and theirs to radically improve?

One.The Anat Baniel Method, a four year training in using brain plasticity to rewire your brain and your child’s brain to higher and happier functioning via improving movement and thinking. Anat Baniel was a prodigy of the movement genius Moshe Feldenkrais, and has been getting tremendous results with special needs children for 30 years.

Her book, Kids Beyond Limits gives many strategies I use with children, and you can use also. She teaches Nine Essentials to stimulate transformation, all based on brain plasticity. These essentials bring huge benefits to all of your life, not just your interaction with your child.


Two. The Son Rise philosophy: Of joining your child in her world, and helping her expand from there. Invented by parents whose son, diagnosed as “helpless” and with a 30 IQ, went to complete recovery after 3 and a half years. There are many ways to make the brilliant ideas here less labor intensive. And, this is about you, the parent, delighting in connection as you bring your child forward in her or his life.

See the website for this lifechanging and parent freeing book: Autism Breakthrough, by Raun Kaufman, the grown up son who was cured many years ago.


Three. Mindfulness, Joy and Loving-Kindness:

For you, doing your best, and your child.
This is your chance to reduce STRESS in ALL OF YOUR LIFE, and to live as close to full time happiness as possible.

(I actually teach classes on how to use the wisdom of stimming to build your own meditation practice. Really!)


Four. The GAPS diet or some other Diet Modification. The GAPS ( Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet was discovered by a Russian MD and neurologist and mother of a son whose autism was radically improved. Close to Paleo. Not mandatory, and highly recommended for you, too.

A few changes in diet are highly recommended.


To set up an appointment ( at least 3 initial lessons recommended) or for a free initial phone consultation ( I know you have lots of questions).

Chris Elms  @   360-317-4773

I work in the Clarksville section of Austin (78703), not too far from Whole Foods, and with easy access via the Enfield exit off Mopac. It’s a residential neighborhood with easy parking and a delightful park to play in before and after lessons only one block away.


For more emphasis on the Anat Baniel Method, see my earlier website, Chris Elms/ Special Needs Children/ Austin