Loving the Now, Excitement for the Future of your Autistic Child

acceptance for now , excitement for the possibilities

I’m on the last chapter of Raun Kaufman’s, Autism Breakthrough.

It’s about attitude.

It’s about mindfulness.

It’s about hope.

He distills it like this:
nonjudgmental acceptance of your child right now, exactly as she/ he is
huge faith and excitement that anything’s possible in the future

when I took my Feldenkrais training, that was one of my main take aways, from lesson after lesson where the really confounding become more and more clear and finally simple:


And you aren’t going to get there unless you start

Where the child is
Where you are

And if you aren’t relaxed and more or less happy,
work on yourself first, and
then accept and get excited about your child,
and then see:

where can we go from here?

Do we need to connect first?
Is my child ready for a little play and expansion?

Tomorrow’s post will be on Variation,
Anat’s sixth chapter and third essential

With that, you always have a game to play

if you aren’t happy,
why should your child want to play with you???


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