Sad but true, sometimes OT and PT makes things worse

No one wants to hear this since to OT/ PT “help” is usually free, …. but

I once had a wonderful little client,
who had advanced from almost completely immobile to moving her arms and legs in exploratory fashion
she loved it
and was a delight to behold

and then,
when her parents came for a lesson, after a period away  (they came from out of town)
suddenly her arms seems frozen

I didn’t get it

Finally I had to ask:
“Is anything different being done with or to her?”

“Well, yes. The PT is working hard to get her arms to cross the mid-line.”

Great. Apparently with enough force,
and so little connection to what the child’s brain could really hear,
that she decided the arms were a battle zone, rather than a learning meadow.

I thought of this again,
talking to my son,
who also does the Anat Baniel Method in Los Angeles.

( His name, Brendan Elms.
His site: )

He was telling me of a couple of children, the easiest and most miraculous to
work with
very young
and having had brain injury in birth,

so they are free and extremely ready for the brain rewiring and brain plasticity
of the ABM work.

He was making great progress and then, same thing… it all stopped and started to reverse.

He’d had an agreement with them to stop PT and OT during the lessons.
They agreed, done so, and then gone back.

Fixing happened, not connecting.

The brain got confused.

Learning stopped.

I know, I know, it’s hard, with OT and PT both so full of good hearted people who seem to know what they are doing.

But moving a body around without listening for and looking for and tuning in for what the brain is learning, is just a mess.

They are trying to train the brain.

In the Anat Baniel Method, we are waking up the brain to be what it is:  the miracle machine in the universe that can teach itself what it really wants to learn next.

Unless it is jammed down into a repeating mechanism rather than a learning miracle.

Your choice, gentle parents, your choice.

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