Stimming + Touch = Awareness and Awakening

Repetitive motion, good for ’em, and a suggestion

One of the reasons, the child who recently had an intensive series of lessons made such amazing progress when she went back home was this.

No more fighting  her stimming.

In Autism Breakthrough, the appendix of this fabulous book ( see to the right to buy( is full of evidence that this is a self regulating behavior in autistic kids that helps calm their fight and flight stress tendency.

This for them, is like meditation is for us.



And so, stimming is good for your child, except, they go into their own world.


When someone is off in their own world, that can be honored.

In the Son Rise Program, the adult copies the behavior.

With the little girl, lying on her back, flopping her legs in and out, the parent and caregiver would lie of their back and flop legs in and out.

And the adult could feel what that felt like

And the child could feel joined in their world.

there is a far easier approach.

To put hands gently on the little girls legs, with no restraining at all, and to “take a ride.”

Now the girl, can FEEL that she is being noticed.
She can feel at the non verbal level, in her body.
Touch is calming.

And, by someone’s nervous system noticing hers, she is far, far , far more likely to be clued in to what she is doing.

That’s why both I and the mother could “take a turn” and move her legs for awhile. Speaking what we were doing.

I’ll talk a little more about this speaking part tomorrow, but it’s really important and easy to spend a lot of time touching and naming body areas.

“Now I’m touching your leg on your knee and moving the leg up.
Now I’m moving the leg down.
Now your foot is touching the mat.”

And then, shut up and just touch and move.
And then, talk it through again, making sure to create differences.

“This is your leg moving in. This is your leg moving out.
This is your leg moving up. This is your leg moving down.”

Go slow. Slowly.
So you can feel their feeling the difference.

They’ll get a look in their eye.

It’s pretty amazing.
Miraculous, actually.

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