Magical Relationship, One

Are you in a magical relationship, right now?

If it’s not a magical relationship, would you like it to be?

If so, this book is the right one for you. Magic will begin to be summoned before the first page is finished.

And one more question: If you are already in a magical relationship, could you delight in it being even more enlightened, fun, sexy and kind?

If so, again, you are in the right place.

And what is the right place?


And what is the right time?


For what? For the magical delight of knowing you are alive.


Like this:

Can you breathe in?

Breathe in down to your belly and enjoy the air coming in and feel and sense it coming in.

And… as you sense the air coming in can you add on sensing where and how you are connecting, via gravity, to the Earth, this wonderful blue and green sphere that is pulling you down into chair, floor, trail, bed, couch, as you stand or walk, or sit or lay down and read or hear these words.

Breathe in. Enjoy that.

Notice gravity. Relax into that.

And now we are halfway to the full non-ness game from which great talking and great sex and great meditation and great working and great playing and great exercise and great eating can all take place.

What is the other half of the “full now-ness” game?

Breathe out.

And smile.

Big smile, little smile, hint of a smile. Doesn’t matter.

Just let some of that deep breath you took down to your belly ease out and with it perhaps a dab of any tension or worry you might have.

And along with breathing out and smiling, add three more elements:

One: Light. Notice the light wherever you are and what you are seeing because that light is bouncing into your eye. Notice shape, color, texture. (Hint: this is more rich, fun and delightful outside with blue sky and clouds and trees to feast on via the light coming into your eyes)

Two: Sound. What are you hearing, right now?

Three: Delight in being alive. Big, small, medium, super small, super big, find the love of being alive in yourself as you smile and breathe out and notice light and sound. (hint: looking at beauty helps).

And so you can easily see that this now-ness game is a magic game to get you out of your head and into the present.  And it’s a simple game.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

And their elaboration:

Breathing in, let the air ease all the way to your navel area and notice and sense your connection to gravity at specific places in your body. (Astronauts can contact be for a gravity free version).

Breathing out:


Notice light and all it brings you to see.

Notice sound and all it bring you to hear.

Exult, however little or lot, in the miracle: you are alive, right now.

How many breaths would you like to play the now-ness game before reading the next chapter?

I’d say, go outside, if that’s feasible, and do 10-20 breaths like this. And if you can’t go outside, go to the place with the nicest sounds or the nicest visual treats.

And hey, right now:

Breathe in to your belly..

Notice gravity

Breathe out.


Caio, till later.

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