About Chris

Chris Elms



I am passionate about life and the possibilities of ongoing happiness and awareness and love. Mindful can heal and transform anything.

I love working with parents and their special needs children.
Seeing minds, hearts, souls and bodies awaken to realms many in the medical field call “impossible” is an delight and joy.

I discovered living in the present as a way to stress reduction, happiness, and clarity in 1966. Since then mindfulness has been my practice.


Though I went to Stanford and Caltech, I spent many years of my life in the “chop wood carry water” school of mindfulness, doing design, carpentry, and garden design as a background for all day meditation of being in my body with awareness full time.

This was called the Gurdjieff work, though not the stuffy kind you usually find out and about. This background is of immense help in work with musicians, athletes and special needs children, all of whom delight in body / brain connections and improvement.

When I was 55 I took a two day workshop, in which the movement exercises woke my brain and body so much, I felt like I was 10 years old again. This led to a five year training in the Feldenkrais Method®.

After that I discovered Anat Baniel, a prodigy of Moshe Feldenkrais, and a woman who had advanced his system with tremendous results working with ( not on) Special Needs Children ( see her book, Kids Beyond Limits) and working with (not on) high performing athletes and musicians.

I took another 4 years of training with her. in Marin county, Northern California.


Parallel to my work with autism, I work with adults wishing to radically improve their movement and feeling of youthfulness, if they have back, neck and shoulder issues. Or are recovering from a stroke.


I also work with high performing artists and athletes, wishing to go to the next level. See the Miro Quartet, for wonderful music. The viola player is wildly enthusiastic about his work with me.


Mindfulness, too, is the bridge for couples who want to go from a lackluster sex life, to one of far great joy, or couples wishing to do the real groundwork of love and upgrade their communication.

This communication upgrading is almost exactly parallel to what needs to happen with autistic children: their major imbalance is in the social /interaction world. Joining them when they want to hide, and challenging and expanding their world when they are ready to join:  can’t you feel how we can all use that in our lives?

Life is an adventure, and mindfulness brings us to the center of the miracle of being alive. From there we can help and heal ourselves as we delight in helping and healing our children.


Feel free to call 360-317-4773 for an initial conversation about any of these areas.