Brain Plasticity

Brain Plasticity has been well known to intuitive artists and people for centuries. They always knew and thrived on life long learning, discovering almost daily new ways to do the regular and habitual.


Moshe Feldenkrais and then Anat Baniel have taken these discoveries and applied them to adults and children who wish improvement.


This can be artists of the higher caliber, willing to get even better.

To adults with sore necks, backs shoulders.


Or children with autism and other special needs.

Learning is about the brain being able to perceive new differences. It can be a daily game, an hourly game, the deepest and richest food of a good life.

You will relearn to learn as they learn to learn better. Everyone’s life will get richer, almost a party of learning and delight.


Add to this mindfulness and loving acceptance of What Is, and you have the roadmap to a stress free and happy relationship, work life, as well as the ongoing trials of parenting, parenting any child with it’s ups and downs. But to go for variation and connection instead of fixing and power struggles.


Ah, what a relief and joy as they get smarter and happier.


Anat Baniel’s new book, Kids Beyond Limits, is superb at letting us see the intricacies and miracles of this.


For children with autism, the discovery that learning can be all the time, that the brain’s perception of differences is the fundamental unit of intelligence and that it is FUN to be moving and learning ALL the time, is a breath of fresh air.


Or, a garden and happy pathway out of prison.


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