autism and transformation:  Autism ReWired

MAY 18TH, SUNDAY, 6-7 PM, free but RSVP only

West Austin Park, 1317 West 10th, Clarksville section of Austin, 78703

An inventive and insightful discussion of how both

Brain Plasticity,

and the Son Rise Philosophy

and Mindfulness

and Diet modification ( slightly touched, though very important, see the Food Page of my overall mindfulness and transformation site)


There will be demonstrations of Brain Plasticity in Movement and discussion of how to combine touch, connection, approval in the merging of the Anat Baniel Method, and the Son Rise philosophy




Learn a type of meditation based on the Autistic practice of “stimming.”

Consider how communication breakthrough ideas from the Anat Baniel Method and the Son Rise philosophy so well presented in the new book Autism Breakthrough could improve our relationship and possibilities of mindful sex.


Learn some Mindful Movements, that allow you to feel in your own body how quickly brain rewiring can take place.


Ask Questions.

Even now, before the event, ask questions if you want, 360-317-4773