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The Anat Baniel Method  — she’s a genius at unlocking the brain to improve children and adults, at any level

Her new book, Kids Beyond Limits will help you with your golf, your relationship, your child, your meditation.

Get it. Read.

Here’s a video of the first child Anat Baniel worked with, and the progress that had been made a number of years ago, before Anat had her own method, so the name of her genius mentor, Moshe Feldenkrais is used. Anat Heals Where Medicine Has Given Up


P.S. I studied a 5 year Feldenkrais® training before the 4 year Anat Baniel Method training.

In my ongoing kids blog, each Monday I’m going through a chapter at a time of Kids Beyond Limits.   Special Needs and Autism Rewired Blog (On Wednesdays and Fridays I’m blogging from the book mentioned below by Raun Kaufman)

The Son Rise program is Amazing.

Here are their principles, Son Rise Principles

The home page is for the Autism Treatment Center of America. Plenty of u-tube and links there.

Plus a big shout out to an amazing book, AUTISM BREAKTHROUGH by Raun Kaufman, who as a child was pronounced hopeless.

His parents didn’t believe the nay sayers and created the system by which he become completely symptom free in three and a half years and went on to a normal, well, most excellent life.  The system is called Son Rise.

He’s the son who rose.

GET THE BOOK AT YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE. You’ll want to devour it. Along with Anat’s book.

What a feast!!!


My website for The Alchemy of Happiness is called

My happiness in relationship and movement blog, including many free figure it out on your own lessons to improve your brain and body and flexibility and ease and intelligence is at


This is pretty heavy duty, and is something a whole family can take advantage of, to great benefit for one and all. You know, losing weight, radically reduced risks of cancer, heart attack, diabetes, and so on.


There is a ton to consider about the food thing. This page, on my Alchemy of Happiness site, gives a huge amount of information. Pick and chose what can work for you. FOOD PAGE.

And for emotional and spiritual freedom, let us not forget the amazing simple, elegant  The Work of Byron Katie.  If you do the work, it works. Emotional suffering is eliminated. I give private sessions in this, if you know anyone who has not cleared ALL to rancor from a prior DIVORCE.


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